The Portable Personal Computer

by: Emma Grace Sims

 The portable and personal computer was invented or imagined by Alan Curtis Kay in 1971. When the personal computer became possible in 1971, the idea of a portable and personal computer also was imagined.  

  Alan Curtis Kay imagined the portable and personal computer at Xerox PARC in 1968. This computer was a "personal, portable information manipulator"-Wikipedia . No one knew it would become so popular today! The IBM 5000 was the first world wide available portable computer.  It was based on the SCAMP prototype.

   In the 1980 flip top laptops appeared. These Computers were built to use minimum energy to increase battery life. Their design gave the user a flexible, thin, and light version of a regular desktop computer, but it could do the same things as a desktop computer.

 The Dulmont Magnum first appeared in Australia in 19881-1982. It was not sold worldwide until 1984. Now the laptop can be found in almost any store worldwide! Even some handheld devices came from the laptop.

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