Friday 23rd November 2012


This week, Amelie and her peer, Lara completed their published narrative story about princesses. Over the course of many weeks, Amelie has been thoroughly engaged in this process during her Discovery Time.

Amelie and Lara began constructing their story by writing a plan. Amelie and Lara then used their plan to write a detailed draft of their story, which included interesting and captivating elements. This draft was then conferenced through teacher assistance and published using Mircosoft PowerPoint. Amelie demonstrated that she has a deep understanding of the features of a narrative and can apply these when writing her own stories. Amelie also displayed a high level of competence through the use of Microsoft PowerPoint, as she was able to insert slides, change the background colour of slides and incorporate transitions and animations to interest her audience.

Amelie and Lara were also able to share their completed PowerPoint with their peers.

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