Jackie Robinson

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Austin Patlin

Jackie Robinson was born January 31, 1919 in Cairo Georgia and died October 24 1972 in North Stamford, Connecticut

Significant events in history that affected Jackie's life

  • Segregation
  • world war II
  • Baseball was becoming more popular
  • Segregation ended

Jackie's childhood

As a child Jackie was introduced to racism and segregation at a young age, growing up in Georgia, him and his family faced so much of it that they moved to Pennsylvania, which didn't help all that much, being the only black family on the block. All this hate and rude unfair treatment at his young age made him take some bad roads, and Jackie soon ended up in a gang, but all this even though sounds bad helped shape history and made Jackie want equality even more.

People who influenced Jackie's life

  • Mallie Robinson (His mom)- influenced him to be brave and stand for what he believes in
  • Branch Ricky- the owner of the Brooklyn dodgers and gave Jackie his job

Unique Facts

  1. Jackie Robinson had a good sense of humar
  2. Jackie was a four sport athlete at UCLA


  • First black man to make it to the MLB
  • Played for the Brooklyn Dodgers in his first year
  • Made rank in the army
  • Played in 6 world series and helped win in 1955
  • Inducted into the MLB hall of fame
  • his number "42" is the only number to be retired by all of baseball
  • Has his own day, where everyone is baseball wheres the number 42

The theme of Jackie's life was...

Never give up even when times seem tough, stand up for what you believe in, and always believe that anything is possible.

Jackie's words of advice and what he taught me

  • "Never give up" (7)
  • "Even when I was having the worse day, I always had people to go to. Find those people in your life" (45)
  • Jackie taught me to follow my dreams even when everyone doubts you and gives up on you, or even discourages you. No matter how rough things get, never give up.

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