Agents of Socialization


I come from a family of four boys, three girls, dad, mom, two grandmas, two grandpas, and lots of cousins and aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. To get straight to the point, I have a HUGE family. Coming from such a big family, I have learned a lot about how to act and socialize in the world. One thing I've learned about socialization from my family is sharing. Since I come from a family with so many kids, it was important to learn quickly that sharing is required in life. I share my room, clothes, food, computer, tv, books, and basically anything that can be shared, I share. I never feel the need to ave something all to myself because since birth I have always had to share and so when I interact with people not in my family, I am usually the first to offer to share my things. Another thing that my family has taught me is how to work with others, especially how to compromise so everyone is happy in the end. Having to always take in and consider what my siblings would want to eat, do, see, or listen to , I have to always try to do things so that everyone is satisfied in the end. Some other things that my grandparents and parents have taught me are some customs that Vietnamese people have. One thing is to never work with your left hand. The reason for this is because in Vietnamese (and most Asian) culture being left handed means that you will grow up with a difficult like because it is thought that people who are left handed are not smart. So when I was small and was learning how to write and scoop my own food I would do it with my left hand but then I would be corrected and told to use my other hand. Also some other customs I have been taught is to take off my shoes at the door, be polite to anyone older than you (even if it is be one day), dressing, and how appearance of myself and my home are very important and that I should always keep them clean as if I were having a guest over.

The reason I have a Barney video is because when I was young

Peer Groups

My friends are a very important part of my life. They allow my socialization skills and interests grow. How they help my socialization skills is they allow my interests to grow. They introduce me to new and different things that my family would not get interested in so I am able to get a farther reach into a different society than what I would get in my house hold. One of the things they introduced me to is new food like when we went to Easton for a birthday we went to a new restaurant that I never really thought about eating at but I really enjoyed the food that day. Also they introduced me to laser tag and I was really excited because my parents would never take me because they don't want us to pretend to kill others so when I went with my friends I was so happy. I even ended up being number one out of like 30-40 people. Also my friends told me to read the Hunger Games series and now it is one of my favorite book series.


Just because schools are  required for children in America, doesn't mean it isn't fun. Schools has allowed me to have independence from my family and even friends ( even though my friends are at school with me). Deciding on what classes I want to take and being in charge of myself are some things I get that friends and family don't give me. I have independence and have to kind of raise myself. Not that my parents don't make sure I do my work and keep my grades up, but I must make sure I pay attention in class so that I can do my homework and do well on tests because I know that I want to go to college to allow me to do well in the future. Also school allows me to join different clubs and activities which allows me to learn responsibility because, for example, in build crew, I am a build captain so I am in charge of building certain things and teaching the younger members so I must be responsible so no one gets hurt and so that my project gets done. I was also exposed to volunteer things like Honor Flight which is one of the most memorable things I've done in my life. I helped veterans travel to different memorials in Washington D.C. which just made me feel good inside and it was honestly very fun listening to all their war memories and things like that.

Mass Media

Mass media is everywhere so it is obvious that it has major affect on socialization. When I was a kid the media told me to always help others, and now I hope to go into the medical field. The media told me to always help others and now I plan to grow up to do just that. Also I have gotten some role models in how I dress from media which is why I love looking through magazines. Media introduces me not only to American things but also to foreign things as well, and with shows like Reign, I learn more about history as well (though it may not all be accurate). With mass media I am also exposed to different cultures and with mass media I can find videos or websites about other countries which I like doing because I want to travel when I grow up and learning about all these things helps me understand more about their cultures and what to do and not do their.

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