Curtis Cripe- CalState Polytechnic

Curtis Cripe received a Bachelor’s degree then a Master's degree in engineering from California State Polytechnic University. He worked on a number of projects there, and one of those first projects was the historic first Mars landing in the summer of 1976. That landing was executed by the first interplanetary space exploration craft known as the Viking 1. The findings from this expedition increased mankind’s understanding of the climatic conditions on the Red Planet. For the next six years, far beyond its original intended mission, the spacecraft sent back pictures of Mars across space back to earth so scientists could analyze and explore. Curtis Cripe was also involved in a highly important role as a supervisory overseeing a number of software projects for the company known as TRW, Inc. One of those clients was the Department of Defense.

Curtis Cripe is an academic leader and professional in the fields of neurocience and behavioral medicine. Dr. Curtis Cripe is a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honor Society for Academics. He is also a Certified Neurotherapy Instructor, Certified Peak Performance Instructor, and an INPP instructor for brain development.

Dr. Cripe established the Crossroads Institute which operates in the field of behavioral medicine. Through the institute, Cripe directs a network of professionals in a number of states and locations throughout the country. These professionals care for patients that need help with psychological problems, such as children that exhibit developmental disorders like autism and adults that have an even wider range of problems. This organization is dedicated to using leading techniques like telemedicine and the web interfaces that help throughout the course of therapies.

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