Recruiting Paper Interview

Christopher Alston
English IV

  • 1. What Graduation Plan were you on? My plan as I graduated high school changed on many occasions. At one point I wanted to become a radiologist technician, then a Radiologist and then a Hospital Administrator. I tried not to deviate too far away from course but becoming a college athlete introduces its own challenges. Being at the stadium for endless hours for film, practice and study hall didn’t quite leave much time for a lot. Besides that, East Carolina at the time didn’t offer any degree that was even remotely close to radiology. I feel in love with business and decided I would get a degree in business and that’s what I did.
  • 2. If the NFL or College didn’t work out what was your Plan B? Honestly I didn’t have a “Plan B”. I knew failing for me wasn’t an option and neither was going to the NFL. I was exhausted with sports long before going to ECU. I knew in order for me to keep a full athletic scholarship that football was a must at least until college was over.
  • 3. Was the process or recruiting system easy for you? The recruiting process was fun as well as easy. There’s no hard work for the player besides continuing to perform.
  • 4. Did Attending football combines help you in college? Attending football combines is something that I’m sure helps you but you’ll never really know. There’s certain times a college coach can meet and/or talk to you and at those combines aren’t the place.
  • 5. Was it hard for you to get evaluated? Getting evaluated is something in the process that just happens. You continue performing and everything else falls in place.
  • 6. How Important was a highlight tape for you? The highlight tape for me was a non-factor. In fact, I never even sent mine in. If a school has interest in you, a tape rarely makes the difference on whether they make you an offer or not.
  • 7. How long was the Recruiting process for you? The recruiting process lasted for about three years (Sophomore – Senior).
  • 8. Did friends and Family help you with the recruiting? My mom and my brother helped me in the recruiting process. They went on several official visits with me and sort of coached me along the way.
  • 9. How did your coaches help you? As a student athlete you never know just how much a coach does/doesn’t help you. A lot of that goes on behind the scenes.
  • 10. Were you invited into any Sports camps? I was invited to a plethora of college football camps. Must of all the schools that showed interest invited me to their camps. I didn’t go to all of them of course because my parents had to work and I wasn’t up for traveling hours to any school by myself.
  • 11. What colleges were you interested in or looking for? I wanted to go to three schools (Clemson, Carolina and ECU). ECU made me the 1st offer of the three so that’s who m I went with.
  • 12. Did you understand the Financial Aid process? The financial aid process was foreign to me then and is foreign to me now. The football office employs a team of people that handle such things for the players.
  • 13. Did you understand everything about Scholarships? Everything about the scholarship process is laid out before you even accept anything. The coaches want you to be in the clear about everything (the do’s, the don’ts and the what if’s).

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