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Story By: Alex Hauber
Pictures By: Folder 4

Roxy had this look in her eye and after spending 9 years of his life with her, Will knew what that look meant she wanted to go outside and play fetch. Instead of heading outside right away, Will looked at her and asked “What Roxy, what is it girl?” She then glanced to the window and looked backed and whimpered, Will knew there was no way he could say no to Roxy.

After Will got his shoes on and got dressed, him and Roxy ventured outside where it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, but there was a slight problem, Will didn’t know where her favorite ball was. He knew trying to find the ball was going to be an adventure, he just wasn’t sure if it would be an easy one or not.

After pondering where the ball could possibly be, Will remembered back to the other afternoon when he had gone to check the bean field, Roxy had followed Will over carrying that ball that she will never let go of. When getting to the bean field, Will didn’t find it anywhere. Will jokingly looked at Roxy and asked, “Now girl you didn’t eat the ball did you?” Roxy did not seem to be paying any attention to Will she now had her nose to the ground.

After that Will was almost out of ideas. Then one popped into his head to go look under our flower garden where Roxy will spend almost all of her time laying. As they walked from the bean field over to the flower garden Will noticed not finding her ball was irritating her. He knew that if the ball was not in this spot that he truly would have no idea where it was or where it could of went.

Once walking over to the flower garden right away, Will could notice the neon green ball sitting right under one of the flowers, it was at this moment when Roxy noticed it too. She went darting away from Wills side, grabbed the ball in her mouth and instantly dropped it at his feet Will knew this was going to be one great day of fetch with Roxy. It was at sunset when Will heard his mother yelling for him, “William it is time to come in for supper!” He then glanced down to a tired Roxy, three hours of catch can really wear a dog out.xx

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