Transportation Project

Vanessa Patterson

Lots of people use different types of transportation and they are not economically friendly and so my idea was an electric bus. I conducted my survey at school.

I conducted a survey to tell who would take the electric, economic friendly bus over their former type of transporation.

This graph is to show how many hours each person uses their mode of transportation.


For the people that said they would not take the electirc bus:

mean: 5

variation: 9.5

standard deviation:

For the people that said they would take the electric bus:

mean: 5.3

variation: 13.69

standard deviation: 3.7

Some issues that people had with the idea was where the central bus stations could be and how much it would cost also they said they would like bathrooms. There could be a simple fee of 3$ and it could pick up at normal bus stations around town. Some potential customers would be people that already ride the bus and people that are concerned with the environment. We could defiantly put a bathroom on the electric bus. I think that it could be potentially marketed in a large city.

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