Creon's Speech  

Sentry: I'm hearing voices in my head saying "you fool don't you know you're walking straight into trouble?" And another voice saying " yes, but if you let somebody else get the news to Creon first it will be even worse than that for you.

Creon: What's your point?

Sentry: I didn't do it. I didn't witness anyone do it. Don't blame me if you didn't witness me when someone else did it.

Creon: What did you do?

Sentry: A regretful thing, I don't know how to say it.

Creon: Out with it!

Sentry: Polyneices the dead man, someone has given him a burial and gone.

Creon: And who was the man that did such thing?

Sentry: I don't know! You must believe me! The ground was dry, not a wheel track in the dust. We all saw the body just mounded over with a light dusting. It wasn't really buried but just enough for the ghosts peace.

Choragos: King could have the gods done this?

Creon: Stop! Are you serious right now why would the gods do such thing? The gods honor and love us. Money! Nothing is more important in this world than money. I swear by the throne of God and only God. The man who did this will pay!

Sentry: King, can I speak?

Creon: Your voice makes me stressed.

Sentry: Are you sure it's my voice or is it just your conscience?

Creon: By God, he wants to analyze me now!

Sentry: It's not what I say, that hurts you.

Creon: You talk a lot.

Sentry: Maybe; but I have done nothing at all.

Creon: You only have sold your soul for silver that is all that you have done.

Sentry: How dreadful it is when the Judge judges wrong!

Creon: Until you bring the man you will get little profit.

Sentry: Bring me the man! I'd like nothing but for you to bring out the man. But at any rate I am safe!

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2 years ago

Well done, guys! One spot to watch - Creon doesn't think money is the best thing because it corrupts people....