Edgar Allan Poe

David Poe and Eliza Poe had just got married. They had a son named William Poe. During the stormy winter of 1809 Eliza gave birth to a second child Edgar. Edgar Allan Poe's life was always very sad. He has always lost his loved ones. His dad David Poe deserted him before he was three. His mom Eliza Poe died from illness when he was three. His wife Virginia died from illness. His step mom died from illness.He has three famous poems The raven, Annabel Lee, and The bells. He married his first cousin Virginia. He went to the University of Virginia but dropped out because he was in debt.His step father would not support Edgar when he was in college because he spend all his money on alcohol.He joined the army by faking his age and he became the highest rank for a commissioned officer. Poe always had a problem with drinking. He died from illness on October 27, 1849.

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