Cristin Kennedy

CCSD Area 5
Technology Training/Integration Specialist

Providing Support for District and Local School Initiatives

FOCUS: Enhance teaching and learning by integrating technology

ISTE NETS*S – creativity/innovation, collaboration/communication, research/information fluency, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making, digital citizenship, technology operations/concepts.

Four Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Training Topics:

Below is a tentative list of training topics:

  • iPad/Tablet: Out of the box, beginner, advanced, app management, CCGPS connections, student/teacher/administration productivity.
  • Windows 7: Productivity
  • Office 2010: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.
  • Digital story telling: (with photo story, movie Microsoft Free apps... AutoCollage, OneNote, PhotoStory, MovieMaker etc.)other apps
  • Blogging: Edublogs, Typepad, Kids Blogs, etc.
  • Edmodo: (How to have teachers encourage collaboration and online learning with students OR how to set up a Professional Learning Community in a school.)
  • iRespond NOW: quick formative assessment DURING instruction
  • iRespond and CCSD Resources for Data Driven Instruction and Assessments
  • How to Use your Document Camera in the Classroom  (Slate too)
  • Interactive Whiteboards: (SMART/ ActivInspire... Make it more interactive with students.)
  • Refreshers for New Teachers: resources/technology provided by CCSD
  • Web 2.0 Tools for Students and teachers: (focused on following CIPA/COPPA rules)
  • Inspiration/Kidspiration
  • Flipped Classroom Support
  • BYOD classroom support
  • Project Based Learning and Tech Integration
  • 21st Century Classroom Strategies
  • Google Forms for the Classroom or Google Forms for Productivity
  • Integrating Technology with Common Core
  • QR Codes in the Classroom
  • Increase Student Engagement Using Digital Tools to Formatively Assess Students
  • Digital Tools to Help Class Behavior Management
  • Screencasting
  • What is CIPA? What is COPPA?
  • Collaboration in the Classroom: Digital tools to enhance collaboration
  • Digital Tools for Creation in the Classroom
  • Critical Thinking Tools for the Classroom
  • SkillsTutor: (MS/HS)(How to use it during the school year: Pre-tests, Differentiation, Test Prep, Math Fluency)


- CCSD Instructional Technology Department Resource Page -

 - CCSD Area 5 TTIS Resource Page -

Edmodo PLN Groups – Join codes


NEA Four Cs -

What is CIPA? What is COPPA?


Cristin Kennedy is beginning her 25th year working for the Cobb County School District.  She has experience teaching grades K-10th (general & gifted), program development for the county (EEI Program), providing support to local schools as a Learner Support Strategist and Instructional Technologist, and much more.  Currently, Cristin is an Instructional Technology Specialist for the Cobb County School District located in Marietta, Georgia. She serves 22+ schools, K-12. She provides staff development, training, one-on-one teaching help for teachers, staff, and administrators. She trains on a wide range of topics, such as BYOD/T, Flipped Classroom Model, iPad in the Classroom, iPad and Productivity, Interactive Whiteboard (SMART & ActivInspire), Web 2.0 tools for teachers and students, remotes for QUICK formative and summative assessment, blogging with students and teachers, Problem Based Learning, Blended Learning, and much more.  Cristin is passionate about supporting and serving teachers, staff and administration.  She promotes the #youmatter manifesto.  

  • Contact Cristin for support via email
  • Join Cristin's online PLN via Twitter by following her @cristin_kennedy

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