Challenging Australian Identity

    1. Reflect what is being discussed in the Hack podcast, do you agree with any of the comments made?

    I believe that we are a very fortunate country that has many privileges. During the Hack Podcast the main topic of discussion is what makes us who we are.  Some of the comments made are: we are so laid back and relaxed, we are friendly and we have so much freedom and space. One of the hack hosts stated that she thought this definition was inaccurate whilst living in Australia however she went away for a few months and realised these were true once she came back. I agree with this comment we don't realise how fortunate and lucky we are until we visit somewhere foreign.

      2. What events can you remember that you feel ashamed about happening in Australia?An event that I feel ashamed of is the British colonisation of Australia in 1788.  Captain Cook came to Australia in 1770 and claimed the East Coast in the name of Great Britain. Before he came it's estimated that between 315, 000 - 750,000 lived across the country. This event formed Australia and the people that are in it. This colonisation took away the Indigenous peoples land, culture and tradition. This had a devastating impact on them as they had previously lived on Australia for 60,000 years before the Europeans came along. The European treatment to the Aborigines was as if they were animals, worthless and turned into slaves. They infected them with introduced diseases and fought many massacres introduction of alcohol and drugs. It decreased the population by 90% and it is estimated 1920's the population dropped to 50,000 - 90,000.

3. Why do you feel ashamed about this event? OR If you cannot think of an event, why do feel there is nothing to be ashamed of?

I feel ashamed about this event because they are the original owners of this beautiful place that we live in. We treated them cruelly and thought less of them. They were not thought of 'Australians' and weren't allowed to vote, own land, thousands were taken from their families. Slowly throughout the years we have began to change our attitudes towards them. In 1962  - vote in federal elections, 1967 - referendum counted in the census, 1972 - first aboriginal embassy, 1975 - Prime Minister Gough Whitlam visited the wave hill strike, 1976 - Aboriginal land rights act that gave Aborigines land rights. Leading up to 2008 Kevin Rudd made the first formal apology to Indigenous Australians.

I feel this is the most shameful event in our history as it was shown through the apology of our previous Prime Minister. We must accept that Indigenous people play an important role in the history of our country. In order to properly move forward we need to acknowledge the shameful things in our history.

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2 years ago

Wonderful! I really like your personal reflection and deep thought that went into who we are as Australians and what you feel ashamed of. I am very proud of you for sharing these thoughts. It is a very mature thing to do, especially since you are thinking beyond yourself.