Hi! It's Kayla here and in 2013 I did so many things like....

For New Year's Eve, my older brother and I were re-united. (lives with his dad) We lit sparklers and had the best time ever.

My mom, brother, and I went to Australia for my cousins wedding. While we were there, we went to the zoo and I saw a lot of really cute animals there, we even got to see Kangaroos and Koalas. Then we got to go inside of a maze and it was very creepy because it had statues of people staring at you and scary music playing, but it was fun. After that, I walked 1,000 steps but I only counted 973 steps. (liars)

I re-united with my older brother again and this time we went to Las Vegas for his Robotic competition. It was awesome and I had a hot dog there too!

Summer was the most boring break ever.... all i did was play PS3 and watched TV. (which was really sad)

First day of school, I was a loner because my best friend wasn't in my class. Then, in computer science...... I met this girl, she's tall, weird, funny, did i mention tall? But she's awesome and we became good friends. And then there's Faith, this amazing smart girl that is now a good friend also. And last..... Kylie, we are pretty good friends, but she is kinda mean and weird, and GROSSSSSSSSSSS! Haha well anyways i'm glad I met them.

My birthday party wasn't the best though, I had my best friend there, but not my other good friends. We went to Dave N Busters, but that's about it. (also sad)

Alysha's birthday party was the bomb.com! It was Alysha, Kylie, Mya, and i and we tried to summon Bloody Mary, but it didn't work. It was so fun we all had a blast even though we were scared as heck.

My mom made me go to a softball camp at U of A and I thought that it wouldn't be any fun. I asked my mom if my best friend, Hailey, could come and she said yes! We had the best time ever, we went shopping and took a ton of photos at the mall. I'm glad she came with me or i would have been so bored.

I got on a new softball team, The Black Widows. They are an amazing team and if we keep on practicing we will smash every team to the ground! They are awesome and I'm glad that I am on the team.

For Christmas I got an iPhone 5s. It's gold, but my $80.00 case covers it. I love my phone so much it's insane!

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