What Forces Motivate The characters?

Oedipus is arrogant. He wants to know his true identity. Jocasta is one of the characters that do not inform Oedipus of his background.

Lauis has a troubled past. He rapes the son of Oedipus. in result, Oedipus kills him at the 3 cross roads.

In the poem "Scar" the boy has a troubled and non normal life. His father is an alcoholic. In one stanza, "his liver was scarred" means all that liquor or whatever he prefers has messed him up. The son is not happy and takes action.

People everywhere can be motivated by peer pressure or out of self accomplishment . Johnny Knoxville is motivated to accomplish crazy stunts no body else would even attempt. Many of his friends talk him into attempting the stunts

Some characters or people are not motivated from others eagerness to see them fail or hurts themselves (Johnny Knoxville) . Ray Lewis, 17 year Raven Linebacker and 13 year pro bowler motivates others. He never knew his father. His father abandoned Ray when he was a kid. Dealing with that...Ray became one of the best NFL linebackers. Then , stabbing accusations haunted Ray shortly after Super Bowl 35. Dealing with that, Ray was not knocked off track. 2643 career regular season tackles and 31 interceptions are just little things that he had done. Ray tries to influence others . His motivation is to show others that you have to " deal with cards that you are dealt "

One of the most famous rappers on the PLANET Eminem is a talented artist. His parents had a sour relationship. Early in Marshall's life his Father leaves his Mother. Bouncing around Michigan and Missouri , him and his Mother never did have a permanent home. Marshall started rapping his early teenage years. Marshall Bruce Mathers lll had found a women named Kimberly Ann Scott. Looking to spend his life with her . But they both had problems . Kim with her drinking, and Eminem with his arrests. Rapping changed Eminem. All he wanted to do was make people proud. Hailie Jade Scott Mathers both Marshalls and Kimberlys' daughter was being fought over for custody. Marshall has very strong lyrics , relating them to his family and life . After albums from "Infinite" to "Recovery" Eminem is still making music that makes people realize that they need to live life to the fullest.

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