Did you know that some kids can focus better if they get all of their energy out at recess? Kids can get better education if they focus better! That is why Grant School needs more recess.

Grant needs more recess time because some kids are still hyper after recess! Also, some kids get loud and might even yell, and the teacher, like Ms.Schwarting, might get mad! Also, some kids get in trouble because they don't have their energy out and run in class. Some kids also run and lose recess which makes them have more energy and lose more

and more for running one TIME!!!!!!

Another reason Grant needs more recess is because some kids get grumpy and snap at Ms.Schwarting and lose more recess! Ironic isn't it? Sometimes all of those grumpy cats complain and moan when it is inside recess and will lose more!!!

Finally, we need more recess time because teachers get more time to work. They get more time to finish setting up scavenger hunts and grading papers so the kids don't have to sit and wait! Also, the teachers don't have to take home work! They can finish it at school when we are at recess. Last, but not least, kids can finish unfinished work at the extra recess and might still have time to play!

OK, so you might be thinking, “What about learning time? How will we get money to pay monitors??” Well, we can get money by having more fundraisers when we give envelopes of money and if the class gets in the top three of the most money turned in gets a prize! We also can get more time for learning by cutting part of science and math out!

I really think we need more recess time!!! If you can donate money to pay monitors please do! I know, with the help of you guys, we will have more recess!

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