Atmosphere: Kyler Agena

1.) As you go higher in the atmosphere it gets colder then warmer the colder then finally hotter .

2.)The atmosphere is important because it keeps in the gasses that we need to live, It protects us from meteors, It keeps in heat, and protects us from harmful rays from the sun.

3.) The different importance's of the atmosphere in each layer first the the troposphere the troposphere is where airplanes fly and where weather occurs also 90% of the mass is found here.Next the Stratosphere.The stratosphere is where the ozone layer is also the lower part of it is cold and to top is hot.Next is the Mesosphere. This layer is the middle layer and the one that proctects us from meteors and gets colder.The last layer is the Thermosphere. This layer is the hottest the satellites and northern lights are here  and this layer has the least pressure.

4.)The higher you go in the atmosphere the less pressure there is.

5.)The green house effect heats up the earth.Without greenhouse gasses the earth would be to cold for animals or plants.When there is to many greenhouse gasses the atmosphere traps more heat.

6.)The gasses that make up the atmosphere are Nitrogen (78%) Oxygen (21%) Argon (0.93%) Carbon dioxide (0.038%) Neon (0.0018%) Helium (00.00052%) Methane (0.00015) Krypton (0.00011%) Hydrogen (0.00005%)

7.)The higher you go the less pressure there is but the lower you go in the atmosphere the more pressure there is its like when you go swimming the lower you go under water in the pool the more pressure you feel

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