Labor in the Industrial Revolution

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My one word summary for the industrial revolution is Labor. Labor was a major part in the industrial revolution, and it has changed and helped shape the world since then. The introduction of machinery completely changed how someone’s job was done. Before the loom, clothes were extremely expensive and people could only have a few shirts and pants. Cotton was hand spun by slaves and workers for low pay and lots of work. When the loom was invented, cotton became cheaper and people were able to buy more clothes, which changed the lifestyle of Americans. The way workers were treated then also led to how they are treated today. Back then, they were paid low and the workplace had a high risk of injuries. When workers contested this, minimum wage and the formation of unions was introduced, which greatly improved labor for everybody. Child labor was also completely redefined. During the industrial revolution, parents would send their children to work for months at low pay at the same dangerous jobs as adults. Now, we have minor labor laws in place including a minimum age to work.

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