EDU 210 Module 9

8 Popular Apps for Kindergarden Mathematics

The apps that are presented are age appropriate for Kindergarden students.

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App 1

Motion Math: Hungry Fish

This app allows students to practice on their addition and
subtraction skills. This is an excellent game for the students to use after the
teacher has taught a lesson. The children can practice the skills that have
been taught and this allows them to increase the hardness of the level if they understand the conecpt. This allows the students that learn faster to increase their skills without becoming bored.

App 2

Math Bingo

This app can be used for more advanced students in Kindergarden that are willing to learn. The child has to be motivated in learning about numbers. This can be used when children are done their activity and want a challenging activity to take on.

App 3

Playful Minds

This is a great game for the whole class to get involved. If the class has access to iPad's, the students can play against each other. As a teacher, I can assign the students to play against children that are at the same level as them to play against them. This encourages the students to try their best as they are working against an opponent to do better. Also this app has the option of choosing a different grade levels.

App 4

Park Math

This app is great for getting children attention. It has lots of colors and different animals that make children interested. In addition, this app has different levels to increase hardness with plenty of activities to keep the child entertained.

App 5

Grow Your Garden

Grow Your Garden is an app that focuses on adding and subtraction. It has lots of colors to keep the children interested in the activity. In addition the activity has loads of levels for the children to beat.

App 6

Teach Me: Kindergarden

Teach me is an app that has multiple purposes. It can teach children about letters and spelling, addition and subtraction. The app provides an audio speaker which allows the children to learn about their mistakes. I think this is a useful educational app to use in a classroom when a student is having difficulties with a concept. it provides feedback to the student and allows them to learn from their mistakes.

App 7

Math, Ages 4 - 6

This app Is a fun way to get students engaged in learning. It shows the children how to use basic math skills by using objects, like cars, to help the learner engage in the activity. This is a useful app as it is not only for Kindergarden students but also children young and older.

App 8

Monkey Math School Sunshine

This apps allows students to engage in simple math problems. As students get the answers right on the problems, they can fill a aquarium up with different things like fish and plants. A cool feature that this app has is guided assistance if the child is having more difficulties.

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