Writing My Rights

Dear Campbell and slater lawyers,

imagine the hero being the bad guy. Peter pan has been living in the spotlight all his life when he has been the one in the wrong. peter pan swore on an oath to keep Neverland a secret. Peter pan waged war on me for just touching land, I had none of his people prisoners. Peter pan has made people think that what he does is right and that has made him infamous. Peter pan needs to be put to justice.

To begin with peter pan has brought foreigners to this land without permission. Neverland is supposed to be kept a secret from the outside world, I was with this long haired hooligan when we swore to keep Neverland a secret. The wretched kid went and broke that oath, he has been bringing the foreigners over to Neverland to train them to fight in an army and he has been making the believe I am the bad guy. Peter pan can be stopped from doing this if you lock him in iron.

In addition Peter Pan has attacked me for trying to live my life. After the little scoundrel attacked me and through me to the crocodiles the police checked my ship and there was nothing in it, I hadn’t stolen any of his friends or any booty of his, so there was no reason he should have attacked me! Furthermore I have lived here all my life I was a local donor to charities I wasn't a foreigner or a burglar he had no reason to attack me. If you take my clam the foreigners can go home

Let’s not forget that Peter Pan has been engaging in illegal activities. Peter Pan has been using the rarest substance in the universe to make people fly, 500 grams of the rare substance pixie dust is left in the universe and he goes and uses it on foreign people so he can overrun me. Aswell as that he is keeping the last fairy hostage in his hideout and using it to make the foreigners stay by telling them if they leave she will die. it is outrageous that he has not yet been banned from fairy tales altogether.

In short Peter Pan should be the one that gets thrown to crocodiles. He has done everything wrong from bringing foreigners to this sacred land and keeping the last ever fairy hostage. The scoundrel has also attacked my ship for no apparent reason. All in all Peter Pan should be sent to the Arizona max prison. yours sincerly captain hook

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