Email Tips

Itzaly Martinez/ Miss. Johansen/ Period 9/ Oct.3

1.) Make your email personal. Write your email to the person in a way you would want someone to email it to you.

2.) Don't attach unnecessary files. When you send an email be sure not to send a file that has nothing to do with your original email.

3.) Avoid using URGENT or IMPORTANT. Most likely the person getting the email wont want to open up your email if it has that.

4.) Don't use text-speak. If you do it most likely will be going into trash. Ex: Ur, BFF

5.) Use CUPS. Cups, is something you should make sure you have which stands for Capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling.

6.) Always include your full name and classroom period. Having that keeps both you and your teacher organized, so their not mixed up with others.

7.) Always make sure your email is in a good length size. About screen size would be pretty good, only because they don't want to read an email that is way too long.

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