Presentation Project

Powerpoint: Powerpoint is the most commonly used presentation creating software. The main draw of Powerpoint is that it is simple for anyone to use and allows for a large amount of customization. Another major selling point of powerpoint is that when it is purchased you also are purchasing the rest of microsoft office.

Prezi: Prezi is an online presentation creation tool. The main difference between powerpoint and prezi is that prezi uses online saves and a zooming user interface. Several benefits are found in prezi among these is that it allows you to have a very engaging presentation and it has a wide variety of background. The final selling point of prezi is that it is free to use.

Powtoon; Powtoon is a free online presentation tool. The major downside to powtoon is that it is currently in open beta so there may be some bugs to deal with. The major selling point to powtoon is that with it you are able to create a mini animation for your presentation and can easily share that with your friends or anyone who needs to see your presentation.

Slideshare: Slideshare is an online database of user created presentations that are available to the public. The major selling point of slideshare is that it is an easily accessible research tool.

Presentation Tips

There are many pit falls that may ensnare the presenter. Fortunately these are easily avoidable. Many of these tips are simple and just require you to be consistent. Among these are maintaining the same font, font size and font color. Another tip is to keep your slides concise.


I liked prezi and slideshare. I liked these because you can easily put information into a presentation and also because you can easily find information on many topics. I would use prezi outside of this class. I have also used prezi before this class for a world history project.

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