Explain 4 events from 1945 to 1950 that demonstrated disagreement between the US and the USSR and how they showed disagreement.

-Berlin blockade/Berlin Airlift- Soviets blocked off the U.S. from getting into Eastern Berlin and the civilians of eastern Berlin suffered from Starvation so the U.S. dropped supplies for over a year into east Berlin to keep civilians from starving.

-Truman Doctrine- Truman granted protection to countries he feared would fall under the soviet communism.

-Marshall Plan- Money given to Europe to aid in the reconstruction of European economies after WW2 and to help prevent the spread of Communism

-Nato- North Atlantic Treaty Organization between European Nations, Canada, and the U.S. to protect western Europe from a soviet attack.

How and why did the Korean War start? This would include why Korea was divided.

In 1950, North Korea crosses the line between north korea and south korea. With overwhelming force and South korea and the US shouldn’t stop them.The US thought this was caused by USSR but in reality it had nothing to do with it.               

Explain the conflict and outcome of MacArthur v. Truman.

MacArthur argued for to push into North Korea to completely defeat the communist forces. Truman went along with this plan, but worried that the communist government of the People's Republic of China might take the invasion as a hostile act and intervene in the conflict. MacArthur wants to invade china and wants to make a nuclear war in china to make it non-communism again. China pushes America back to south Korea. And then once MacArthur disobeyed Truman many times so he fires him.

Why did it take so long to end the Korean War and how did its conclusion indicate a change in warfare during the Cold War era?

It took so long for the korean war to end because neither side would compromise. They cannot decide what to do with the prisoners of war. So they keep fighting for 2 more years.

How did Eisenhower’s foreign policy differ from Truman’s in theory and did it differ in practice?

Truman policy was containment. Eisenhower was trying to push it back or roll it back. Or to defeat communism. Eisenhower says he is going to spend money on nuclear weapons and if people try to declare war then we will retaliate with nuclear weapons.

What Russian actions in the 50’s caused anxiety for America, and what was the government response?

Russia launched the first satellite into space causing America to panic because America believed that they had got ahead of them in the technological world and they had the upper arms force. It was easier for USSR to get control of the third world countries.

What were the real threats to the US home front during the 1950’s?

Nuclear war was a real threat. We were in danger in our tons cause at any time we could be bombed. The Spies at the time were real threats that were giving information to the Soviets about the Atomic Bombs.

What threats did various groups create or people create? Who were the creators?

The communist in every corner, red scare and McCarthy. HUAC.

How did the US respond culturally to the Cold War in the 1950’s?

We created many movies about communist. We created bomb shelters that really wouldn’t have save us but made us feel better about the danger.

What were the tensions that led to the conflict between the Soviet Union and the US following their alliance in WW II?



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