Video Production     

Session 1

We learn the basic operation of a camcorder we also learn the basic of the camera and the movements. we also write and record a news report.

Session 2

We also learn about analog editing editing.And we also edit are news brief . Then examine different type of video production.

Session 3

we choose a public service announcement topic.then we learn the purpose of storyboard. the storyboard your own public service then announcement.

Session 4

We correctly describe hoe public service announcements differ from other forms of video production.Then we explain at least one of the processes fro television broadcasting. Then we record are psa.Then we edit together the various  digital elements,such as audio and image files, in addition to are psa video clip,to create a final psa video.

Session 5

in session 5 we explore how video is used to influence people .Then we write the storyboard a commercial.

Session 6

In this session we explore the history of the video.Then we record are commercial.

Session 7

We explore federal communications commission regulations.Then we merge together each of the individual video clip created during this module.then burn are final video production to the cd.

career of video production

This is a career about video production and it also tell you about how does video production works we have 7 session in each one that you go to it going to tell you about something about the world and we also record a video and it was fun and they tell you how to work with the camera and how does it work.

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