Emily Wolf

No, this is not a personals ad.

What is this?

This, dear reader, is my Tackk page--my electronic resume, if you will.  It serves as my unofficial website, designed solely for the purpose of showcasing a bit of who I am in addition to my technological savvy, creativity, and the great many other things I am capable of.  I also wanted to show my support for a fantastic local company:  Tackk is a Cleveland-based tech startup, and as a Cleveland native, I love seeing locally-based businesses and ideas take root and thrive.    

So who am I?

I am young, energetic, and obviously female.  I also have a J.D., and as such, I am aware that sharing other details such as race or age for employment purposes is legally unnecessary (and frankly, irrelevant unless employers are looking for ways to subtly discriminate against applicants).  As evidenced by that last sentence alone, I am also sharp, intelligent, assertive when need be, but unfailingly diplomatic.  I focused in nonprofit and for-profit regulatory law in law school, so I have advanced knowledge in these particular areas.  Mostly importantly, however, this credential means that although I do not practice the law, I know what a lawyer knows--and thus know how to be a staunch advocate.

I am native English speaker, but also can speak Spanish and some French and Japanese.  I give excellent public presentations.  I take pride in my work.

What am I looking for?

It should go without saying that I am looking for employment.  But what you (as my potential employer) should know is that I'm looking for a way to get my foot in the door.  There is no job too big or too small for me to handle; however, I am specifically looking for an opportunity to show you the great things I can accomplish and what an asset I can be to your organization.  I work hard.  I learn quickly.  I am grateful for any chance to show you these qualities, and pride myself on being positive in the face of any challenge.  

And finally...

If you find yourself intrigued, and you think you'd like to learn more or request a few references, you can contact me directly at the email address listed below.  


Thank you for stopping by--I truly appreciate it.

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