iMovie Project in Progress

I have made great gains on my final iMovie project.  I did several interviews today, and they will tie in nicely to the project.  My focus today was on weak ties as it ties in to slacktivism.  This is the article I was taking a look at, that will help me with my script; .  The article I just posted, talks  about Gladwell and his view on weak ties.  In the weak ties, twitter and Revolution article, Lehrer (2010) states, "Gladwell says, online networks are all about weak ties — a weak tie is a friend of a friend, or a casual acquaintance — whereas real activism (he uses the example of the civil rights movement, led by Martin Luther King) depends on strong ties, or those people you know and trust."  While I agree with his statement in regards to weak ties, after viewing quite a few articles, my judgement on weak ties has changed quite a bit.  I find that weak ties can be beneficial in certain situations.  In fact, despite the lack of donations, weak ties do help spread awareness through their strong ties.  Therefore, it is valid to have weak ties within your netwok , however, I will go into great detail about this issue within the iMovie.