Vocabulary project

Crystal- made of clear brilliant glass

Life is not a set of crystal stairs.

Sinewy- tough and strong

The muscle in my arm in sinewy.

brawny- strong and muscular

The bodyguard is tough and brawny.


T$he parson was yelling to the people who didn't belive.

wrought- shaped by hammering

He wrought a blazing sword.

haunches- the upper legs or hips of an animal

The tiger crouched on his haunches.

1. No because the dog wold be standing and running.

2. Yes because the weights would make him strong.

3. A blacksmith because they handle heavy and rough materials.

4. Yes because crystal is very breakable.

5. Ye because parsons are leaders of the church.

6. Yes because they would have to hammer what was being wrought into shape.

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