Seven things you don't need to know about me

I hope you like it!

Firstly I like Pokemon. Pokemon is awesome. I hate people who say its a stupid kids show that's for babies but I LOVE it. I like everything about it! The battles, the games and the Trading cards!

Secondly I like music. Some of my favourites are "Don't stop me now", "Smash Rap", "Uptown funk" and "demons".

If there is one thing I hate its being alone. That's why I like to work in a team.  I tend to have more ideas when working with others.

My pets are some of my closest friends! I have my dog Storm who is at my nanas on his retirement. My brothers Guinea pig Sasha and my Favourite My Puppy Bella! Bella's one of the cutest things ever!

Another thing I like is Comics. Well I should say I like superheroes. They are pretty cool.

just imagine being faster than a speeding bullet, More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! This would be amazing!

To me family is lots of things. To some other people having no siblings is the best thing ever! But trust me its a blast. Even when most of the time were fighting we are still the best of friends

And lastly what makes me me is technology. I love it! Computers,Ipads/Ipods or phones.

I LOVE IT ALL! I am naturally talented with electronics that's why I like to help people who have trouble.

Thanks for watching and I hope you have learned something about me!

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