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The story called THE HONEY DROP because it tells us that any thing little can change something big.

The story starts as a king is eating is puffed honey rice breakfast just as he is eating a drop of honey fell and as the minister had seen the drop honey he bended forward to clean it just then the king replied don't do it . Its not our  job ,  the servant will do it . soon by the time passes the honey drops down to a stall , then a fly sees it and goes to have its breakfast then a gecko eats the fly then again the cat eats the gecko, because of this the dog sleeping near by woke up and started to fight with the cat soon all the members near this stalls came and got involved in the fight as the king's guard went to stop the chaos they chose sides them self one the cats and other the dog after the charred ruins of the place then the king thought the drop of honey was his job to clean.

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