UNESCO heritage

Tugendhat Villa is one of the most important examples of the functionalist style in the modern movement in architecture. It is located in Brno.

You can see the map underline.

The building was built up in the years 1929-1930 and designed by the famous architect Ludwig mies van der Rohe which also designed bulidings like National Gallery in Berlin or Farnsworth House in Chicago.

Here you can see the photo of him.

And finally, here you can see the photos of the interior which is one of the main reasons of this Villa's fame.

However, of course, the main reason of the Villa's prestige is the enlistment into the list of Unesco Czech Heritage in 2001. And why is this building on the list? For its originality and improvements which has this building at that times. And for its perfect functionalist style - creating the whole new concept of human living.

For the true experience you must certainly take a visit in this place. What you can see here is just a little tasting for you.

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