Memorial Day in DC

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share some pix from our trip to see Tobey, Mark, & Ethan!

The new World War II memorial. Each state has an obelisk, with half on "The Atlantic" side of the pool, and half on the "Pacific" side.
This was a "must-see" for Carrie -- and all of us. (Lincoln Memorial)
New Martin Luther King Memorial -- just finished in 2013. Very impressive. He looks out over the tidal basin to the Jefferson Memorial.
A very serendipidus meeting with Mr. Bob Dole!
A wonderful time with dear Aunt Lucy -- always the perfect hostess!
A very "fragrant" trip to a local rose garden in full bloom.

Thank you Trumbulls and Aunt Lucy for a spectacular Memorial Day weekend in 2015!

Love, Laura and Carrie

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2 years ago

Thanks for these great photos. Love seeing you all!!!

2 years ago

You're welcome! Glad it came through!