Minecraft is a game where you build out of blocks and goof off with friends!

This is a creeper,creepers are a basic monster that blow up,and live at day and night

This is Stampy cat,he's a minecraft youtuber,him and creepers don't go together

This is Iballisticsquid another youtuber who is great at building so many things

These are cats you can tame them with raw fish

This is me,Creep 109 another mincraft YouTuber who doesn't have time to make many videos

This is an enderman don't look them in the eyes or they'll kill you and they can teleport  around the place to kill you

This is a dog you tame it with a bone you can tame it with a bone,if you punch something it will kill it, and if it gets hurt you can get it's health up with cooked meat the way you know it's health is up is by the height of it's tail

This is the enderdragon if you kill it then you'll get 50-70 experience-peas and you can take the egg

Last, this is a pig, it's the cutest animal in minecraft (to me),if you kill it (wich you shouldn't) you get pork chops wich get you hunger up with to help your hearts regenerate or your food bar up  

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