Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Q1- What is the difference between the two?

A1- Abiotic Factors are non-living parts of an environment. Biotic factors are the living part of an environment. Example- Tornadoes are abiotic factors. Humans are biotic factors

Q2- How do they interact with each other?

A2- Both abiotic and biotic depend on each other. Abiotic can give water, sunlight, soil and more to biotic factors.

Q3- What abiotic factors and biotic factors are in an ecosystem?

A3- In a Marine Ecosystem, abiotic factors would be the water, the sand, rocks, and sunlight. Biotic factors would be Sharks Whales, octopus, and many more fish.

Q4- What happens if 5 of the abiotic and biotic factors disappeared from a marine ecosystem?

A4- If you took the water, sand, rocks, and sunlight away, everything in the ocean would die. If you took the fish away, the marine ecosystem would become dirty and eventually the ecosystem would die.