What is it?
What can you do with it?

Tumblr is a social network created in 2007. There are 7 500 000 users and  Tumblr is 226 million different blogs.

It is a network where you can post and share pictures, texts, links and sounds on blogs you create . Thanks to tumblr you can make friends, chat online, share centres of interest , discover new things....

You have the possibility to  anything (from anywhere!) and customize everything. There is an app on tablets and smartphones, it's very easy and convenient!

You can see your photos on “ submissions”. The photos are really very artistic. There are walls of photos with very short texts.

You can follow anybody who shares your centres of interest.

You need the link?

How does it work?

To  search pictures , videos or texts , you need a enter a keyword in the search bar a top-Righ screen.

You can add comments, "likes", reblog if you want the message on your blog, and share.

Tips and advice

Tips and advice for the 10/13 years old

You shouldn’t post pictures of your face or your body. Beware of sexting.

It’s not a good idea to give your password to anybody or to choose an easy password

Never use your real name online and don’t give your date of birth or your address

It’s a good idea to make sure a parent knows when you’re surfing the net and what your favourite sites are

You can post photos of your hobbies, your passions , of all the things you love but be careful, you mustn’t be easily identified.

Don’t chat with anybody you don’t know because you can’t be sure of who they really are.

Never write insult or aggressive comments in posts or in the chat room

Keep in mind that you must be 13 to open a social network account

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