Take a look at these top ten Dos for SST and consider how they fit with your SST.  For additional information on each of these Dos for SST follow the numbered links on the racetrack below.

1.  Do - build your SST on the skills that are needed for successfully staffing cases

             rather than on specific positions (i.e., knowledge of academic & behavioral

             interventions, curriculum, organization skills, etc.).

2.  Do - utilize your PLCs to consider the needs of students that were retained the

             previous school year and those in danger of retention for the current


3.  Do - schedule SST meetings into your Master Schedule.

4.  Do - provide consistent and hands-on administrative support to the SST.

5.  Do - where appropriate, expedite cases through the SST process to meet the

             needs of individual students.

6.  Do - monitor interventions on a regular basis to generate baseline data about

             student performance.

7.  Do - utilize myTrack to document interventions, meeting minutes, and contacts

              with parents/guardians.

8.  Do - be strategic when referring cases to the IEP committee for further testing.

             Consider the number of cases being referred at one time as well as when

             the cases are referred.

9.  Do - continue to provide interventions and to monitor students through the SST

             when the IEP committee determines that a student is not eligible for EC

            services or an evaluation is not needed.

10.  Do - provide parent referrals for testing to the EC Case Teacher immediately.

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