Turley Law Firm

Veteran Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys

About Turley Law Firm

Over the past four decades, the Turley Law Firm has assisted clients throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area in receiving fair compensation for wrongful death and personal injury claims. The practice’s experienced attorneys have also handled cases spanning the United States and more than two dozen countries worldwide. In-house staff members are fluent in Spanish and Vietnamese with assistance available through interpreters in languages such as Chinese and Russian.

The Turley Law Firm’s track record in personal injury matters extends well beyond vehicular accidents and includes owner negligence and workplace incidents. A distinct area of expertise concerns civil cases involving victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Attorneys with the firm have represented clients in cases involving individuals in positions of trust, such as teachers and youth leaders, as abusers. The law practice also assists medical malpractice victims who have incurred serious injuries in a hospital or clinical setting. Cases successfully represented include birth injuries and professional errors in administering medication and anesthesia.

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