Wonder Character in the Spotlight: Jack

By: Turner


Character's Tie to the Theme

I think that Jack's theme is mostly loyalty. I think it was that because he mostly had to stick up for August and himself. In the end he became much more loyal to August along with Miles, Henry, and Amos. He became popular for his loyalty.

Character Influences

August was the most impacting character on Jack. Jack impacted August the most. Their relationship was very important because it told you how Jack and August get along and how Jack is August's good friend and how Jack and August's school lives are.

Art  Representation

I think that this represents Jack during the war. I think that because the melting clocks are like Jacks friends leaving. The reason I chose that was because the clocks look like they were melting and the melting is like all Jack's friends are melting away.

Title: The Persistance of memory

Artist: Salvador Dali

My Video: Character Analysis

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