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A celebration of fitness, health & wellness

UMatter is a health & wellness company that focuses on uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring men, women both young and old. We are in the process of putting together 6 wellness events and are in need of excellent certified group fitness leaders, personal trainers, and dietitians.

You will be hired on a contractual basis for 1 week to provide daily services to our clients/guest. All of your travel accommodations including but not limited to room & board and meals, will be included in your fee/ service pay rate.

These wellness events will take place out of the United States in locations such as, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. If you have questions or are interested in applying and meet all of our requirements please send over the information listed below to livingtwotravel@gmail. com and someone will contact you regarding your submission.

qualified trainers

  • Must have a following of over 100 people and connections with others in the fitness or health & wellness profession.
  • Submit a video telling me why you would be a great addition to my team.
  • Submit a resume/bio and picture,  please include a brief description of the classes you teach or specialize in.
  • Please explain to me why you got started in this profession, what your future goals in the health and wellness industry are and how this opportunity will help you reach those goals.

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