Comfort And Reliability With A Bunk Heater

Being away from home for weeks at a time as runs are made and money is earned can be tough enough. Suffering through uncomfortable nights in the bunk of a semi cab can make it even worse. An Espar Airtronic bunk heater can lend some comfort when it’s needed the most.

Diesel Heaters Make the Difference

Espar Airtronic heaters are designed to provide an extra layer of comfort for truckers whether they’re in a semi, a rock hauler, or a standard pickup. When Espar parts are installed properly, a truck gains an independent heater that operates separately from the engine. This provides a number of benefits that go well beyond what a standard heater can do.

Depending on the bunk heater installed, the addition to a truck can offer these advantages:

  • Eco friendly heating – Using a regular truck heater to keep a cabin warm all night can burn through a lot of gas, not to mention putting some serious wear and tear on the vehicle itself. An independent heater that operates on its own is more environmentally friendly. And, since Espar Airtronic heaters operate using diesel, a little bit of gas goes a long way.
  • Reliable pre-heating – While models can differ in their abilities, some bunk heater designs offer remote activation. That means with a simple push of a key fob, a truck cabin can heat up long before the drive needs to begin.
  • Greater comfort – Traveling through areas with especially rough winters is just part of a trucker’s life. When an independent heater is added into a truck, the comfort level of a trip can go up and so can the reliability of the heating source. There’s no reason to suffer through, when this type of heater can heat up the cabin and even the engine compartment.
  • Living on the road is tough enough for truckers who work day in and day out to make sure to transport the items on time. Adding a little touch of comfort and reliability is simple with a bunk heater. These machines add reliability while even increasing safety for those cold nights on the road.

    About the Company:

    Lubrication Specialist is a leading online retailer of Espar Airtronic bunk heaters and Espar parts. Truckers nationwide depend on diesel heaters to make their trips just a bit more comfortable and safe.