Kingdom Of Mawtters              ( Samantha & Thalia 4th pd.)

                                            "Sentire et facere, quod certe metum."

                                                 "Feel the fear and do it anyway."

Flag Symbolism

Baby Blue: Resemble the power every one is entitled too.

Black: Resembles the boldness of our savior, Aadaro

Mawtter Bird of Enlightenment: All those who inhabit Mawtter have absolutely no worries

The Constitution of Mawtters



The name of this country will be Kingdom of Mawtters.



The purpose of this country is to provide those who inhabit The Kingdom of Mawtters are provided with protection and equal power.

This kingdom goal is to develop an army that can defend all borders. We plan to educate our citizens with all knowledge needed to survive.


All must be willing to share power with those who surround them. An expectation of all inhabitants will obey the laws that are provided to everyone. All must bare pride in everything they do.


The Godly Aadaro is the over seer of all in the Kingdom of Mawtters. A Constitutional Government is what will keep this government under control and out of conflict.


The Government will be sure to provide citizens with equal opportunities and chances for freedom. Further education will be provided to all who are in need of this information. Citizens are responsible to take care of themselves and keep all ideas and thoughts to themselves.


Our education will have both public and private schools for those children in need of special education. Education will be free for 20 years then school after that will require payment. Those who choose not to receive education will attend an alternative school.


Our symbol is our saviors hands working together with fire and water to create the perfect world.


Aadaro is the prime example of the perfect human being. All shall aspire to be like the amazing Aadaro

Our Savior!

Our savior Aadaro has inspired our world to be the best you can be and even better. Aadaro is best known as the leader of the Powers Cult. Aadaro would help the people realize that everyone is entitled to there own rights and power. The citizens then noticed that Aadaro really brought out the best for their country and never let anyone down. Aadaro was never known to have any family other than the people he called his sons & daughters. He had always been a caring and loving man willing to die for his kingdom. Aadaro was put into power by those of the Powers Cult. Later on he decide to share his power with everyone giving all the feeling of enlightenment while remaining the leader of course.    

The Alternative School.

Those who chose not to participate in the required acts of all citizens they are sent to The Alternative School. At this school students are further educated than those who attend the normal public schools. The techniques used in the school are far more efficient than those used in other learning centers. These techniques include round the clock teaching of content and less interaction with thous peers. Educators specialize in several teaching fashions from repetition to reassuring consequences. After 3 years in the alternaitive school if the student has still not met requirements they will be removed from the society into nonexistence. All citizen can be sent to the alternative school if necessary. in the case that all citizens are in need of further education the savior shall order a CODE BABY BLUE. (in which all will under go the worse of the reassuring consequences)       

The Anthem

The citizen worship as he walks by

All for the savior AadaroThe kingdom shines bright
All for the savior Aadaro
The soldiers march until the morn'
All for the savior AadaroReminds me of the one war won
All for the savior Aadaro
The children scream and shout
All for the savior AadaroThe best of us come out
All or the savior Aadaro
The world we make it our best
All for the savior AadaroThe people that worship thee never rest
All for the savior Aadaro
The stars at night are big and bright
All for the savior Aadaro The limits are endless

All for the savior Aadaro

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