The Run Away

Hi, my name is Bailey Harris. People think I am a bad person but really I am not. Well, I do talk back to teacher sometimes but that doesn’t mean I am a bad person RIGHT. I have a good life and all but until my mom announce that we are moving to New York City. That was it. This was our little chat “WHAT, WHAT did you say!!!” “ I am sorry Honey but they offer a job there and they really good money I just had to take it.” “What about my friends, What about dad I won’t be able to see him ever again. Why do you have to do that to me I hate you and you hate me!” “Bailey Harris get down here right now.” “No I want to die here!” “Bailey don’t say that you know that isn’t true.” So yeah that wasn’t fun at all and that made me really mad. But I have a AWESOME friend named Missy, Missy May. She has a blonde piece of hair and just love that. We are the bestest friends ever. We do everything together. I am like other girls too. Like…..I like boys. WAIT NO I DON’T. Okay maybe… his name is Luke and he is the captain of the football team. Every girl falls in love with him because he is soooo cute and every girl thinks that. Now that you know some things about me lets get started with my story how i was going to run away from my mom when we got to New York City. The story is called The Run Away. But first You should know this NEVER RUNAWAY FROM HOME OR ANYWHERE YOU GO! Lets get started.

So my mom was getting a new job in New York City. So now we have to move and I have to leave all of my friends and now I am really mad at her. She said I will make new friends but I told her this “I am the girl and no one wants to be friends with the new girl.” I am sorry Honey thats just how life goes.” “ Then, LIFE SUCKS AND YOU SUCK TOO!!!” Then, I stopped up the stairs and slammed my door shut. I was still planning and this time I am going to do on the way to New York and thats that. When we leave tomorrow I am going to start all over and make sure this goes right. When we were almost there I was thinking to myself what is she going to do when I leave? When we got in the new house sheasked me if I wanted to go look around and I said no. When she left I was gone too. When I was 6 hours into the tunnel I heard her voice maybe she was looking for me, and she had dad with her too. But now I am going to go to sleep. BANG!!! What was that?

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