Dragster Cars

1. Defining a Problem: Making a car in dragster, competing against other students cars.

2. Brainstorming:

3.Researching and Generating Ideas:Drag Racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. The race follows a short, straight course from a standing start over a measured distance, most commonly ΒΌ mile (1,320 ft (402 m)), with a shorter 3/16 mile 10 feet (1,000 ft (305 m)) for nitromethane powered Top Fuel dragsters and funny cars, while 660 ft (201 m) (1/8 mi) is also popular in some circles. Electronic timing and speed sensing systems have been used to record race results since the 1960s.

Drag racing has existed in both street racing and regulated motorsport forms since automobiles and motorcycles were developed.

4.Criteria and Constraints:

Criteria- Make a functional hovercraft.

Constraints- Hold one person, Steering, and brake system.

5.Exploring Possibilities:

6.Select an Approach:

7. Developing a Design:

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