Full name: Republic of Cuba                             Capital: Havana

Head of State: President of the Council of State Fidel Castro                                      

Type of Government: Communist             Language(s): Spanish, Castilian-people

                                                   Population: 11,308,764

Age Structures:

0-14 years old: 2,266,132 [20 percent of the population]

15-64 years old: 7,897,393 [69.8 percent of the population]

65 years and over: 1,199,239 [10.1 percent of the population]

  • 1 CUC = US$1.13 (using US$ cash)
  • 1 CUC = US$1.03 (using other currencies)

Wonderful Art

Cuba has as huge art culture, and this is the place to go if you would like to see everything from Greek ceramics to Cuban pop art. Things you might find include an extensive Spanish collection, some 2000-year-old Roman mosaics, Greek pots from the 5th century BC and a suitably refined Gainsborough canvas.  I loved seeing this beautiful place and learning about some of Cuba's culture.  I would recommend this place to anyone who likes art and is learning about Cuba's culture.  

Look at the beautiful forest and nature

In Cuba there are lots of wildlife and hiking tours and I would definitely recommend going on one.  You may have a chance to ride a elephant like in this picture.  You would get to see various different animals and many beautiful sights (Bring your camera).  On some of the tours  I went on they even let us swim in a beautiful waterfall sight.  This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.        

Diving down deep in Cuba

Going diving is one of the main reasons people love going to Cuba.  They have beautiful coral reefs, the concentrations of migratory fish can be incredible.  You sometimes depending on the dive site you go to, let you feed and touch the fish, turtles , etc. The water here is very clear and it is awesome to see all of the jelly fish and stingrays in the water when you are in the boat.  Make sure to bring your sunscreen, it can be very hot, but the water always cools you off.  I recommend this place to everybody of all ages, this is definitely a once in a life time opportunity.   

Local Expressions

  • baro, chavito, fula – money
  • asere – friend, mate
  • ¿qué bola? – how are you?
  • ponte los espejuelos – put on your glasses
  • fardo – pants, trousers
  • filtro – smart person
  • jama – food
  • máquina – car
  • monado – police
  • tengo que pinchar – I have to work
  • ¿no tiene un peso fuerte? – do you have an extra coin?

Popular food's and drink's

In Cuba they have a variety of foods and drinks.  One of the most popular dishes at almost every restaurant is Cuban sea bass, if you like fish then I would definitely recommend this to you!!!  This dish is very tasty and has a lot of flavor, this dish is not spicy and kids love it here in Cuba.  Another popular dish is Vaca fritta.  As you see in the picture it is some kind of meat,  Its cow meat.  A lot of people that come here think it would taste horrible, but it is very good.  Most people order this for lunch and it also has a lot of flavor.  This dish is not spicy and the majority of kids love this dish.  The best drink to get with any meal is the Cuban rum punch.  It is the most popular dink you could find here.  It has a great flavor to it and kids love this drink so much.  It has a lot of sugar in it, so don't drink to much.  The best drink to find at a coffee place, is not coffee but the famous Cuban Strawberry Banana Milkshake.  It is so popular here that almost every person you pass has one in their hands.  It is a great thing to cool you off and is a great drink to have at a birthday.  Be carful, this drink is very expensive but very worth it.    

Climate and geography

The weather is hot, sub-tropical climate all year. Most rain falls between May and October and the hurricane season officially runs from July to November, with most storms historically occurring in October and November. Humidity varies between 75% and 95%. Cooler months are January to April when the least rain falls.

This has been Cara Morrison, and I approve this message!!!

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