Life of a Transcendentalist

One of the most important views on society would be that of knowledge.  I believe that as a transcendentalist that the knowledge of religion is the most important.  We need to stick together and believe in one form of religion.  We base most of our findings and ideas on religion.  Without it we would be completely lost and we wouldn't be able to have a strong foundation for our findings and believes.

Beauty also has a strong influence in transcendentalism.  We believe that beauty should be valued in all objects in everyday life.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said that even when something is covering the true beauty of an object; even that "curtain" can be beautiful in it's own way.  The thing about beauty is that it can be seen in many different perspectives.  

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3 years ago

I believe hard work is the best way to become the perfect version of yourself. Beauty is for entertainment only. Thank you for completing this assignment.