On the day of 21 march 2015, about 300 child soldiers were freed. Under the deal between the rebel army and the government, about 3000 children have to be released before the rebels can integrate their soldiers in the national army. They also affirmed that there will be no more children under their ranks. I think that it is great that many children have been released and that they will proceed to free even more children, but I think that all the soldiers of the rebels joining the national army is wrong. Indeed, letting all of them in the national army is like giving them immediat freedom, like they're no more responsible of the atrocities they have done in the past, and that includes the kidnapping of children and making them soldiers. Furthermore, being a soldier in the national army is about protecting the people, but they are  completely doing the opposite. They are killing innocents and the other day they protect them, it doesn't make sense at all. In my opinion, they should pass a certain test to be able to join the national army, to see if they are potential threats to the people. If one of them doesn't pass he should be put in prison and have a sentence. Finally all children should have the right to have a peaceful childhood without it taken from them.


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