Paula Poe Is A Successful Sales Professional

Paula Poe is a sales professional, who in her twenty-two years of career has mastered the basic rudiments to attain positive results. She knows how to make even the fussiest customers commit and get a “yes” from them. So far in her successful career, she has worked for some of the leading companies in various sectors and made a significant contribution in increasing their bottom line.

Besides hard work, dedication, and commitment; Paula Poe believes that it is her optimism that always fetches her a positive response from the customers. She says that her optimistic nature helps her maintain a sense of balance and stay positive when things go awry. Her strong desire to adequately address the issues and concerns of customers help her create new & innovative ways to satisfy their needs. Paula is also known to provide customers a warm & friendly reception. She feels that welcoming & treating them as guests make them relaxed & respond favorably.

According to Paula Poe, alertness has a great role to play in salesmanship. She explains alertness by referring it to a mix of active sensitivity, presence of mind, and instant decisiveness. She gives utmost importance to prompt service and always tries to serve her customers without any undue delay. Being in the sales profession for so many years, she knows that at times sales people have to attend customers who are impatient or are in a hurry. Such customers, if made or asked to wait for too long feel insulted & annoyed. One of the best way to deal with such customers is to smartly keep them engaged by telling about the products/services you are selling.

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