Bullets And Ballots

Peter Leach

1. The groups that were involved in this game were the U.S.A, the Guerrillas, Army and Wealthy, the Government, and the Peasants. The Army and wealthy had the most military service units, so they had the most power.

2. The power shifted by the Guerrillas becoming the most powerful. This happened by the Guerrillas attacking the army and wealthy which gave them M.S,U's. The U.S.A. also lessened their military service Units by charging them twenty M.S.U's for a piece of information.

3. There was cooperation shown through the game by meeting agreements and forming different alliances. When people broke alliances this caused conflict. The U.S.A. made conflict at the end of the game. The U.S.A. agreed with the guerrillas on who to elect for president, but at the end of the game the U.S.A. took over everybody.

4. The U.S.A. had the role of being able to help out whoever they wanted, they could make people's lives easier or they could make their lives harder. But at the end of the three months the United States could do whatever they wanted with the country of Guatemala.

5. When power shifts in a country a group of people always love the outcome, and then there is a group of people that always hate the outcome. The outcome can either turn out to be positive or negative depending on the people who become in power.

6. Cooperation is evident in my life because when me and my friends go out to eat we always cooperate to see who pays what part of the bill. We also cooperate to see whose car we drive in order to get to the restaurant. Conflict also occurs though too. We have conflict trying to decide which restaurant we want to go to. And when we leave the restaurant we usually have conflict debating if we will go to a movie or not.

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