Slender Loris

Fun Facts

The Slender Loris can be found in Tropical rain forests. Slender Lorises are about the size of chipmunks and they have really thin arms and legs, they are also about 6-10 inches long. They weigh 10.5-12 ounces. Slender Lorises can live for 15-25 years. They rub urine on their selfs to keep from the sting of the toxic beetles.

Where Slender Lorises Live

Tropical rain forests are located near the equator. 57% of all tropical rain forests are found in America. 1/3 of the world's tropical rainforests are in Brazil. Other tropical rain forests can be found in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and West Africa.

What Slender Lorises Eat

Slender Lorises eat slugs, young leaves, flowers, shoots and sometimes eggs or nestlings. They also eat toxic bugs, roaches, acacia ants, and bad smelling insects.

MAD Theory

If there was a fire in the rain forests animals would move, adapt, or die. These animals could...

Move: The animals that lived in the trees would have to move to a different area with  more trees or a place where there is not a fire.

Adapt: Birds could possibly adapt along with fish.

Die: animals that lived on the ground would probably die along with the animals that got trapped in the canopy (top of the tree)

Rapid Process

A rapid process could be a thunder storm or a hurricane that could occur in a rain forest.


Slender Lorises eat different kinds of food all day long. They rub urine on their selfs to make the sting from the toxic beetles not hurt as much.

Plants And Animals That Live With The Slender Loris

Rain forests are filled with insects, arachnids, worms, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Bark, Lianas, Dry tips, Buttresses, and Epiphytes.

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