Brown v. Board of Education

A: Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren sent out a ruling about segregation of public school was violation of the 14th amendment, and therefore unconstitutional.  

B: African American and Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren.

C: It allows the blacks and white people to combine together as one.

Integration of Central High School

A: President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent out U.S. Army to escort nine black students to a all white Central High School, in Little Rock , Arkansas.

B: Everyone in the United States was involved.

C: To prove out that black can mix into a white school.  

Black students and civil
rights workers sit in white section of bus station.

A: A test was play for the police, they sent out nine students from Albany State College to conduct a sit at the bus terminal. Not even one of them was arrested, and it inspired many black leaders.

B: The students, the organization, and the black leaders.

C: To show that black can ride the bus as equal as the white.

Integration of the University of the university of Mississippi

A: A riot broke out between southern segregation civilians and federal and state force. They were protesting about James Meredith. Two civilians were killed, and three hundred others were injured.    

B: Blacks, federal, and the state.

C: Trying to show that they are peaceful people while protesting, but the state forces beaten everyone of them.   

Murder of NAACP
leader Medgar Evers

A: Medgar Evers was murdered at his home. He was shot in the back of his head and fifty minute late at the hospital they announce him dead.

B: Medgar Evers, and the killer.

C: Shows that no black man was created equally. Also no black man have the right to be educated by the white people.  

Campaign to desegregate city; four girls killed in bombing of church

A: A member of the KKK went inside the church and planted a bomb inside. At 10:22 am the bomb exploded killed four young black girls. The others were injured by the bomb.

B: KKK, four girls, and many other black people inside and out of the church.     

C: KKK still hunting down many other people. The black people blamed the government of Alabama.

March on Washington;
“I Have a Dream” speech
by Martin Luther King Jr.

A: A speech was given by Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington D.C. The messages was sent out over 250,000 civil rights supporters. A powerful speech that will spread in the United States.

B: Martin Luther King Jr., Black supporters, and many other peoples.

C: It inspire the whole nation. Everyone is really created equally.

Boycott of segregated bus system

A: Rosa Park was arrest when she refuse to give up her seat. Many black people did a boycott to not take the busses. Many busses business fail because of the boycott.

B: Black people, and White people.

C: Shows that black people have no right to sit in the front or refuse to give up their seat. White people can have full control of everything.  

Murder of three
civil rights workers

A: The KKK abducted  the three men and they were shot at close range. The sheriff office played part of the role.

B: The three men, KKK, and the sheriff.

C: Shows that the KKK will destroy anyone who try to help out the black people.

First lunch-counter sit-in

A: Four college students refuse to give up their seats. They sat there peacefully and inspired many young youth. Hundred of students created a organization and protest for six long months.

B: Students, places, and white.

C: Shows that black have the right to refuse and to accept things like white can.

Murder of
Martin Luther King Jr.

A: King was assassinated where he stay at for the night. Right outside of his second-floor room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. After announcing his death many cities went outbreak. Many says that he gave his life for severing for them.  

B: Martin Luther King Jr., and everyone was involved.

C: Shows that the president should do something about these kind of situation. The black show be treated equally right away.

March for voting rights to Montgomery

A: Martin Luther King Jr. led many black people to Selma for protesting the right to vote. After 5 days and 54 miles marching to Selma Alabama, they start protesting for the right to vote.

B: King, many other black people, government.

C: To show that black people want to vote too, not just the white can. Black and white are the same no difference between them.  

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