Armed Criminal Enters School, Age:10

Written by Corinne Lestch

Published: Thursday, September 18, 2014, 2:52 PM


Michigan authorities claim that a fifth grade student had brought a gun to Kingsley Middle School on Monday. A list of fellow children he wanted to hurt was discovered by a teacher on the back of the student's homework assignment. The boy was suspended for 10 days and is waiting for criminal charges for carrying a firearm into the school. Read more by clicking below.

Rights and Opportunity

These ideals (rights and opportunity) tie into this story. The parents of this child have the right to own a firearm, this right inevitably is also carried with responsibility. The fact that a child could get a hold of this weapon shows little responsibility from the parents. The child had the opportunity to hurt anybody in that school, he claims that he had no means of hurting anyone on his list of people he would hurt. But the fact that he could have is deadly itself

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