OEC 9900, 9800, 9600
CVID Retrofit C-arm Tech Monitor

OEC 9900, 9800, 9600 CVID Retrofit carm tech monitor
Fits all O.E.C. models (9600, 9800, & 9900) as well as other square boom design c-arms.

No worries with the C-VID, we've got you covered. When you purchase the C-VID Plus, everything you need is included.

  • 1 C-VID
  • 1 LCD 1080p Display with BNC and DSUB
  • or DVI inputs (please specify).
  • 1 25' Display Power Cable
  • 1 25' BNC Cable
  • 3 Cable Clips
  • 1 Pack Cable Zip Ties
  • Or purchase the C-VID separately and choose your own display monitor.

Condition: New


  • Surgeons no longer share the monitor-cart with the tech.
  • Always where it’s needed, without taking up limited floor space.
  • More-accurate c-arm positioning & fewer retakes.
  • Techs no longer contaminate the sterile field to see the image.
  • Reduced radiation exposure for patient & staff.

EASY INSTALL – Our designs fit easily and securely on the most-common C-arm models. Just plug-andplay, using the video-out port of your C-arm’s monitor cart.

RUGGED – The C-VID stand is made in the U.S.A. with high strength aluminum to ensure long-term
durability; backed by our 5 year limited warranty.

EFFECTIVE – The C-VID eliminates sharing the main viewing monitor so it can be optimally positioned for the surgeon’s eyes.